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[Sneak-Peek] Gray Ward Game Developers’ Note

Hello! Today let’s sneak peak on what’s coming up next on Gray Ward!

Before this, don't forget to claim your free Gray Ward NFT on Weracle Wallet!

1. Challenge Mode ‘Night of Survival’

In the new challenge mode — Night of Survival, you’ll see a new look to the enemies you encounter in the campaign and multiplayer mode.

Night of Survival is a mode where you’ll have to survive an onslaught of enemies for a set amount of time. The mode is played in waves, and you can choose a wave skill that is presented to you after each wave.

* Entry to the challenge mode requires a dedicated ticket, which will be automatically recharged daily.

In Night of Survival, you can earn Green Keys, which will add exclusive chests that use Green Keys. These chests have a higher chance of dropping certain skill cards.

Left image is the New Enemy appearing on Night of Survival. Right image is the skill cards shown after you have survived each wave that could be used within Night of Survival. (ex. Increased maximum number of pharmacies and one free installation / Enemies deal 20% less damage / 1 Free Upgrade Vitamin Solution etc.)

2. NFT System

In collaboration with the Gray Ward and the Weracle Wallet, a non-fungible token (NFT) system will be added.

Survivors will be able to acquire and own Gray Ward-related cards in the Weracle Wallet, and receive various in-game benefits through this feature. After successfully linking to your Weracle Wallet, your wallet will display the cards you have for the Gray Ward.

Depending on the options on the cards you have, you may be able to acquire gems, ID cards, and other in-game goods.

The update content is subject to change during development and testing. We will announce a detailed update schedule at a later date. Gray Ward Game Discord Community

Weracle(WERAC) will soon be listed on a centralized exchange (CEX). Once it’s listed you can not only swap with MATIC but also with other tokens. So don’t be too late and download now!

If you have any questions, leave a comment or email to

Thank you, WERACLE

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