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[Update] Gray Ward on Weracle

Updated: Apr 4

Hello, this is We Make Miracles, Weracle.

Congratulations! Gray Ward Game is now available on Weracle Wallet. 

The game content will be updated soon. In advance, you can retrieve your NFT Items on our Weracle Wallet App. 

Let’s look into what kind of NFTs there are! 

Gray Ward NFT Cards - 4 types of Kit with 1 ~ 7 stars! 

  1. Multi-Play Access Card — Obtain Multiplay Access Card Daily 

  2. Access Card — Obtain Access Card Daily

  3. Emergency Supply Card Gems — Obtain Gems Daily 

  4. Emergency Supply Card Key — Obtain Red Key Daily

3 Ways to Get NFT Cards!

1. Free Mystery box from Wallet
2. Weracle Marketplace
3. NFT Giveaway Event

1. Mystery Box

You can get free Gray Ward NFT on our Wallet. 

Survivor KIT ! One FREE, Save it for your LIFE

When you open it You can get a random Gray Ward NFT

2. Weracle Market Place

You can also get them at the Market Place!

It will be harder to get your NFT cards now, so this is the chance to get free NFT cards. So download the app to earn free Gray Ward NFT! 

and One More Thing!!!! 

We are holding Gray Ward NFT Giveaway Event! Retrieve your Safety Kit to survive!

3. Gray Ward NFT Giveaway Event

Event starts from March 07 Thursday 00:00 UTC Standard!

When ? March 07 Thurs 00AM ~ March 20 Wed 23:59 (UTC Standard)

How? Buy NFT card on our Marketplace & Turn in your Weracle Wallet Address in the below link. (1 Buy = 1 Entry)

What? 100 Gift Box 🎁

Number of Winners? 100 holders (20 Gold, 30 Silver, 50 Bronze)

Announcement? March 22, 2024

Where? On our Telegram

Check our Telegram to know that you have won the event!

Game update will be coming soon! Be prepared with our Safety Kit to survive! 

Weracle(WERAC) will soon be listed on a centralized exchange (CEX). Once it’s listed you can not only swap with MATIC but also with other tokens.

So don’t be too late and download now!

If you have any questions, leave a comment or email to

Thank you, WERACLE

WERACLE Games in Live service now <EF Defense> <Endless Frontier> <Gray Ward> <Weracle Wallet>

Stay connected with us via:| Official Webpage | Twitter | Telegram |

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