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Weracle Wallet

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Pocket Portal  to 
Games & Digital Assets

Unlock the Fun, Unleash the Value – Game, Trade, and Connect!

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NFT for all, Get 1 Free Now!

Link & Secure 

Link easily your Games,
Secure your Game Assets (Tokens & NFT),
View and Manage all your assets in ONE place

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You are the owner of your wallet, and it's managed securely and transparently. Only you can see and manage the password related to the security of your wallet.

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24/7 Exchange

Send & Receive Digital Assets Conveniently, 
Safely Trade your Assets 
Quickly Exchange WERAC (Weracle's Governance Token)
all in your Weracle Wallet

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Beyond Gaming

Various genres of over 50+ Games will onboard on Weracle Wallet. 
Experience various services in the Weracle Ecosystem
We will be
Expanding Service Beyond Games
This will be revealed in our Wallet

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Expand your Experience
in Weracle Wallet

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  How to get WERAC to your Wallet?  

WERAC will soon be listed on CEX. Until then!


Check your Weracle Wallet Address

Buy MATIC on exchanges 

(Any CEX/DEX exchanges)


Send to Weracle Wallet Address


Click on MATIC & Swap button, 

Choose WERAC

in your Weracle Wallet.


Check the Quotation, 

Type in your Password!

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Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 13.12.09.png
2. NFT ∏ÆΩ∫∆Æ UI ∫Ø∞Ê.png

* Earn yourself Free Game NFT *

 1. 1st Download Gift
2. New Game Pre-Launch Gift
3. New Game Launch Gift 
4. New NFT Content Update Gift


If you want to learn more about Weracle Wallet,

7 FAQs

What is Weracle?

Weracle is a place for anyone who wants to own NFTs, or anyone who wants to exchange tokens. We created a blockchain base platform from which all services are provided. Starting with a variety of certified RPG game services, we aim to expand users experience by creating an excellent ecosystem of blockchain services. By adding various other games to the blockchain game platform ecosystem, expanding to other variety of services we hope to add new value and pioneer the blockchain market. Our main functions are securing & managing tokens, and exchanging NFTs.

About WERAC token

What is WERAC?

WERAC is based on Ethereum & Polygon ERC-20 standard token used for all transactions within Weracle Space. The supply of WERAC is limited, with a total of 1 billion WERAC available (1,000,000,000). WERAC holders will be able to trade Weracle NFTs, trade with utility tokens of services on our Weracle Wallet App. We are currently preparing marketplace and CEX listing.

What is WERAC used for?

WERAC is a key currency in Weracle Space. It is used throughout the space for purchasing NFTs and exchanging utility tokens. You will need to download our Weracle Wallet App for more convenient usage.

Where can I buy WERAC?

WERAC tokens is preparing to be listed on CEX. We will make it more convenient to trade soon in the near future. 1. Buy MATIC on CEX or DEX 2. Send MATIC to Weracle Wallet 3. Swap MATIC to WERAC. (Go to Menu : WERAC - How to buy WERAC)

About NFT

Where can I buy NFT?

1. NFTs are only available on Weracle Wallet App. You can open up our Mystery Box and win the 5% to get the NFT Card. 2. You can use the NFT Marketplace to Buy & Sell NFT Cards. 3. Besides this, we hold NFT giveaway event. You can join the event to get free NFT. When you first download the app, you can get 1 Free NFTs for all our games as a welcome gift!

How is NFT used for?

Firstly, to all the players of Weracle, we wanted to give them extra benefits that could assist them when playing the game eternally. If we give this benefit through in-game items, then players can not own the benefits. So we decided to apply NFT cards into the games. Players can be selective on using the benefits, trade the NFT cards if they don’t need it any more. Players must link their games to Weracle Wallet in order to get extra buffs in the game. All the cards have different ranks, the buffs are different depending on the rarity of the card. Secondly, to holders of WERAC can trade our NFTs on the exchange market. We are preparing exchange market function in our app. Coming soon!

What's coming up next on Weracle?

We are continuously making more games to present to our players. We are expanding our services beyond games. We are seeking for other utility services to link to Weracle. All the games and services will be traded with WERAC. More games and services will be coming into Weracle soon. To make exchange more easier, we are preparing CEX listing. This will help players buy & trade NFTs conveniently. Make sure to read our white paper to get an overview of our project. For update on us, follow our posts on Medium, Twitter and stay connected in our Telegram group chat.

Weracle Partners

We openly appreciate and welcome partnerships. 
Please help us improve the business of both companies, or email us if you have any requests or suggestions we can help you with.

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