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[Announcement] Gray Ward NFT Giveaway Ended

Hello, this is We Make Miracles, Weracle.

Congratz to the winners of Mystery Safe NFT!

The rewards have been all given out! If you haven’t received you will be able to receive it by today!

This month we will bring you with more surprising news!

We will come back with other Game NFT rewards with this event soon!

We are working on to bring more games and publishing our own games on Weracle Wallet to give you more opportunity to use our Marketplace.

Also to make the trading easier, we are preparing to get listed on CEX.

When we get closer to the listing date, we will be holding big events! Once it gets listed, you can directly buy WERAC and sent the tokens to our Wallet!

If you have any questions, leave a comment or email to

Thank you, WERACLE

WERACLE Games in Live service now <EF Defense> <Endless Frontier> <Gray Ward> <Weracle Wallet>

Stay connected with us via:| Official Webpage | Twitter | Telegram |

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