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Why Endless Frontier players need Wallet Service ? <ep.01>

Updated: Apr 4

Hello, this is We Make Miracles, Weracle.

Did you know that games that Weracle is servicing already has over 70 millions users worldwide?

Our most famous game is <Endless Frontier>. It ranked the #1 Idle RPG Genre. It provides a vast amount of contents with over 15 million campaigns. It’s non-exhaustible.

Weracle DATA

The main content of <Endless Frontier> is Record and Reincarnationhow many floors you can go up is the most important thing.

In order to get higher, you can improve your specs, reincarnate and evolve, and collect items and pets with various effects.

This is why you need the NFT cards. Each Hero Cards possess essential buffs that enables you to go higher! There is no limit in the game, so the with the help of NFT card let’s go as high as you can first!

You can become the first player among 36 million users if you obtain the collection of NFT cards first.

You can install the wallet by simply searching for “Weracle Wallet” on the Google Play Store. LINK

Also Weracle(WERAC) will soon be listed on a centralized exchange (CEX).

If you have any questions, leave a comment or email to

Thank you, WERACLE

WERACLE Games in Live service now <EF Defense> <Endless Frontier> <Gray Ward> <Weracle Wallet>

Stay connected with us via:| Official Webpage | Twitter | Telegram |

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