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[Update] What’s coming up next ? (2024.1)

Updated: Apr 4

Hello, this is We Make Miracles, Weracle.

It’s new year. As there are lots of news on crypto, so are we! We have lots of things prepared!

So there are 3 big waves coming up.

1. [Update] Endless Frontier NFT Content

The most awaited update for many users, NFT Content will be updated this January! You will be able to link Wallet to the game and use your NFT cards.

Also we will be holding special events along with the game update! So be prepared!!!

2. [NEW] Grayward NFT Pre-Launch

We will be holding pre launch event for The Grayward! List the items you will be needing in the game. It might help you to acquire one of the items listed in your bucket list!

3. [NEW GAME] ‘With Dragon’ (TBD)

New game on the way to Weracle. The working title is ‘With Dragon’ This time it’s Roguelike Defense Genre. You will easily get the hang of this game.

The game is in which a wizard defends against incoming enemies with 15 different magic combinations (3 spells from each of the 5 categories of Magical Properties).

Kill the enemies that are trying to break through the wall!

Now all you need to do is

1) Download “Weracle Wallet” on the Google Play Store LINK

2) Earn as many NFT cards as you can to prepare for the game play

Bonus! NFT Giveaway Event

Let’s get extra chance to win more valuable NFTs just by following us! 🫶🏽

So it’s easy to participate!

📲 Join our Telegram 👉🏽

📝 Follow our Medium 👉🏽

🐦 Follow our Twitter 👉🏽

📲 Download & Make a Weracle Wallet Account 👉🏽 LINK

✚ Share your code to win more chances 🙏🏽

If you are all done, go to this LINK and share your ID!

Weracle(WERAC) will soon be listed on a centralized exchange (CEX). Once it’s listed you can not only swap with MATIC but also with other tokens.

So don’t be too late and download now!

If you have any questions, leave a comment or email to

Thank you, WERACLE

WERACLE Games in Live service now <EF Defense> <Endless Frontier> <Gray Ward> <Weracle Wallet>

Stay connected with us via:| Official Webpage | Twitter | Telegram |

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