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Guide to EF Defense

Updated: Jun 5

Hello, this is We Make Miracles, Weracle.

Let me guide you through our game, <EF Defense> Google Apple

The Epic Battles in Endless Tower, Embark on the journey and Defend the Akaros with your Heroes!

▶ Obtain Miracle from the boxes

You can obtain Miracles from Arena, Grand Arena, World Arena, Raid and as achievement rewards for completing Campaign Chapters and Quests. Become the rankers of Arena and Raids to get more!

You will receive Miracle Boxes. Place the boxes into empty slots (Bag — Box). You will get random number of miracles depending on the color of the boxes.

▶ Exchange Miracles to EFD Coin

Exchange Miracles to EFD Coin at Trade Port. Exchange / Withdraw / Deposit all available at Trade Port.

You can buy items and packages at the Trade Port Shop.

EFD is the coin used in EF Defense, which is obtained by swapping with Miracles. Exchange is available 3 times per day. The exchange rate changes depending on the overall server situation.

▶ Stellar Nexus NFT Contents

You can use your NFT card at Stellar Nexus. You can place your NFT cards and earn extra buffs for Campaign / Gather / Arena.

It’s a content that allows you to combine NFT heroes to receive various buffs.

Most important thing! Stellar Nexus is only available on servers registered with the Trade Port Alliance.

You can find it next to Trade Port (in the Castle menu). You will find all your NFT cards when you click refresh button on the bottom right corner.

When you click Altar, that’s where you can use your NFT hero cards.

When the cards are used, you can’t trade them in the Wallet.

You can use up to 7 cards per category.

There are 4 Categories — Battle, Harvest, Slaughter, Arena.

The best is to put the one of each tribe with the highest ranking. The combination of the heroes will give different kinds of buffs.

When you want to unlock the slot, you need 1,000 diamonds (the price may change). When you want to remove the card from the slot, you need 100 diamonds.

The hightest ranking is 5. When you place 5 star card then you will receive the maximum buff of each slot.

Let’s see some examples,

  • If you put two human tribes — 2 star & 3 star = 5 star buff

  • If you put two human tribes — 2 star & 4 star = it’s still 5 star buff.

  • In both cases, you have used up 2 slots out of 6 slots.

4 Categories of Buffs

Battle & Arena Buffs will give you higher level when you play Campaigns, Conquests, Arena Contents. You will play with higher level different toyour current game level. (* Battle Buffs are only effective to campaigns & conquests.)

Harvest Buffs helps you to harvest more golds, mana & soul stones.

Slaughter Buffs will give you higher level when you play Goblin/Ghost/Frog/Armadilo Elimination Contents.

So you will need 4 cards of 5 star Heroes per tribe. We are going to keep on creating more NFT bases content that could be make the game more fun.

The NFT Hero cards can help high level users to play the game more aggressively.

For players who are new, it would make it more easier to adapt to the game. You can jump to high level really fast if you have the 5 star ranking cards

Link to Weracle Wallet

  1. Open the Union — Go to Weracle Wallet App.

  2. Open the Weracle Wallet — Get Walle Address & Verification Code

When you link the game, you will get free NFT Card!Don’t miss the chance

You can install the wallet by simply searching for “Weracle Wallet” on the Google Play Store. LINK

If you have any questions, leave a comment or email to

Thank you, WERACLE

WERACLE Games in Live service now <EF Defense> <Endless Frontier> <Gray Ward> <Weracle Wallet>

Stay connected with us via:| Official Webpage | Twitter | Telegram |

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