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Update on WERAC & EFDC Address (2023.04.05)

2023년 4월 5일


We Make Miracles, Weracle.

We want to share you update on our New WERAC Address.

For detailed info on how to swap EFDC-WERAC-MATIC, check our medium page. (

What is WERAC?

First, there are two kinds of tokens in the Weracle token ecosystem. One is the Weracle token, the main token responsible for governance, and the other is the game token used for each game. WERAC is a ERC 20 token based on Polygon Network paired with MATIC. Games on Weracle uses a polygon network to effectively implement a blockchain game platform.

The main token (WERAC) reflects the value of the entire ecosystem, and the game token(EFDC, INFI) is an individual token that users acquire through playing each game. Users can acquire game tokens through playing each game and exchange them for Weracle tokens through the Weracle wallet .(Wallet will be released soon in 2023).

  • EFDC address: 0x762D3cE01A01690237b4C11dE86fCb3C901D196b

  • WERAC address: 0xe98c48dad6b159f8ce174c96a24a1ab9b922da7d

We ask for your interest in the future, and we look forward to seeing you with more diverse news.

Thank you

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