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Infinity Party Battle - Official Launch!

2022년 10월 28일

Infinity Party Battle, the second P2E game of Weracle platform, has been officially launched on October 25th, 2022!


Infinity Party Battle is a Hit Tower Defense RPG game that uses Magic Cards and Skills to set up various strategies to protect the city from monsters.

'INFI Stones' can be obtained by playing various in-game contents such as Quests, PVP, PVE, as well used to buy Keys and open Surprise Boxes, which may contain 'INFI Coin'.

‘INFI Coin’ is for purchasing in-game items, participate in content, upgrade teams in the game or exchanging to ‘Weracle'.


Play Infinity Party Battle now and join the beginning of Weracle platform.

◈ Download Link ◈

> Google Play Store :

> APP Store :

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